Women dig craft beer

Three Boys brewer Misty Weed

WOMAN’S TOUCH: Three Boys brewer Misty Weed says craft beer is catching on with women

Women dig craft beer.

This has probably been known to some women for quite a while, but the trend is only just becoming mainstream in Christchurch.

While beer is traditionally thought of a man’s domain, it was women who were brewing beer for their working husbands centuries ago. The industry has done a full circle.

Three Boys Brewery is often held aloft as a prime example of a local brewery making it to the big time. These days, the primary brewer is a woman – a woman who refuses to wear overalls.

Misty Weed “fell into” brewing and now spends her days at the Three Boys brewery on Ferry Rd.

“All over the world I think women have picked up quite a bit of knowledge about craft beer,” she says. “It turns out, especially in this day and age, that lots of women like beer.”

Weed says the brewing industry is still male-dominated in general.

While Weed considers herself a “major hophead”, she says women are into all kinds of beer, from dark chocolatey beers to the lighter ales.

Like anything else, the palette is varied and depends on the individual drinker rather than gender.

Ava Wilson owns craft beer pub Pomeroy’s and brews under the label Beer Baroness.

“There’s lots of women drinking craft beer,” she says. “They start on the wheat beers and pilsners, and before long they’re into the IPAs and stouts.

Wilson says women can often have better palettes and are good at matching food with beer.

On Saturday, Wilson joined female brewers the world over for Women’s Collaborative Beer Day. They all brewed the same recipe on the same day – Unite Pale Ale. Some of the proceeds will go to Aviva (Women’s Refuge).

Brewer Wendy Roigard, owner of Valkyrie, says drinking beer in a wine glass brings out the flavors and aromas of the beer, much like red wine.

As the craft beer industry grows, it is not uncommon for beers to be served at dinner parties or tasted in the same way as wines. Women are a growing part of the industry, both as consumers and brewers.

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