Where was this class when I was in High School?

High school beer brewing class draws concern

ARVADA – They are too young to possess it, but they are learning the process required to make it.

A biology class at Ralston Valley High School is working on a project entitled “Alcoholic Fermentation,” which details the steps required to brew beer.

It has gotten the attention of some parents.

“When I was cooking dinner the other night, my daughter brought me a paper saying look at my next project. It’s on alcohol fermentation, and I think I stopped dead in my tracks and said ‘it’s on what?” Ralston Valley High School parent Adrienne Maerz said.

The project synopsis instructs students to become familiar with the ingredients and equipment needed to brew beer as well as the steps required in brewing. It also asks students to explain the variables that are changed in making other forms of alcohol, such as wine, champagne and hard alcohols like whiskey and vodka.

The project also affords students the opportunity to earn 10 extra credit points by going on a tour of the brewing process at the Coors Brewery. It asks students to include a photo that verifies their presence on the tour to get their extra credit.

The synopsis does include a note in bold letters that reads, “In no way does this assignment promote the use of alcohol, but rather a deeper understanding of anaerobic respiration.”

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