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Stone Brewing Co. Plans Pub and Brewery in LA


The cat is out of the bag. Stone Brewing Co., the San Diego-based brewing and craft beer distributor, is looking to open a restaurant/pub and brewery in the environs of Los Angeles some time in the near future. Word on the street is that management is close to, or may have already inked a deal some where in Downtown, most probably in the Industrial or Warehouse District where space is ample and cheap.

FoodGPS sat down with Stone co-founder and brewmaster Steve Wagner and learns about the craft brewing juggernaut’s prospects in LA: “Maybe not a full-scale production brewery, but as part of a restaurant…Some type of brewery, absolutely.” This comes a year or so after the opening of Golden Road Brewing, the first major brewing operation to open in L.A. for many years with a capacity of 60,000 barrels a year. Stone recently opened a company store in Pasadena’s “Ale Alley,” and is planning a massive $26 million expansion across SoCal. The brewery game in LA just got a little more exciting.

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