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It’s time for beer lovers to discover home brewing

It’s time for beer lovers to discover home brewing

All beer drinkers should make beer at least once in their life. It’s fascinating to discover how easy it is. For instance, craft brewers insist that you are only a craft brewer if you forgo corn. Meanwhile, they are cheerfully injecting their brews with everything from pumpkin to espresso. I’m a more Catholic drinker and see no reason why corn, wheat or any other “adjunct” (a technical term, to be delivered with a sneer on one’s lips) is verboten.

If you do forgo adjuncts, you are back to an incredibly simple recipe — water, barley, yeast. There are, like any other food preparation, tricks and mistakes, but the stuff is pretty simple. Even so, most of us are way too lazy to save money and do it ourselves. Last winter I came across the Holy Grail: a kit that is both easy and tastes good.

MB Bottle Brew of Ontario produces kits in three flavours, the standby flavours being Mexican Cerveza, a red Mexican lager style, Bohemian Blonde, a sharper Bavarian style lager, and a pilsner. All are extraordinarily drinkable.

It takes 10 days to make a brew, though I’m fairly sure they’re potable in seven days. All you have to do is add the yeast to the pre-made wort, close with a special airlock cap and wait. At the end of those 10 days, you have the equivalent of a six pack. Each kit from MB has four bottles, so each kit makes a total of 24 beer; six to a two litre container.

Home brewing may change your life. It will certainly make you more cynical about the “fresh” draft on tap at any number of pubs.

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