Try something different for New Years. Beer Cocktail!

The beer cocktail concept is not entirely new. The shandy, a mixture of beer and ginger ale or lemonade in equal measure, is a classic, as is the black velvet, a beer-Champagne mix. I like to mix a few drops of cassis, a black currant liqueur, in a dry

 Irish-style stout, such as Guinness. It gives the stout just a hint of fruitiness. And in college, I was introduced to a drink called a Spodie Odie, which was half beer and sangria; it tasted like fruit punch. (It actually tasted much better than you might expect.)

Modern beer cocktails

But the cocktail renaissance has brought a willingness to experiment. Some mixologists are making beer bloody marys; lagers work best, in my experience. Others offer beermosas for the beer-loving brunch crowd. As the name implies, it’s beer and orange juice. Kölsch works really well for this purpose, as do witbiers and anything not too hoppy. Use dark beer with the O.J., and it’s called a bee sting.

For a michelada, fill a glass of beer with ice; add lemon juice, a dash of soy sauce, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce, along with a pinch of salt and pepper, and, finally, a shot of tequila.

Prefer a Skip and Go Naked? That’s beer, lemon juice, gin and a dash of grenadine.

Find more beer cocktails ideas at The website, which features beery recipes from more than a dozen mixologists, was co-created by Bay Area beer writer Ashley Routson, who works for Bison Brewing.

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