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As Craft Beer demand increases, Hops prices rise

Craft Beer demand increases, Hops prices rise

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Craft beer’s popularity has been on the rise for years and so is the price of one of its high-demand ingredients. The cost of hops nearly doubled between 2004 and 2013, according to the Hop Growers of America.

New York State’s Hop Specialist says craft beers use much more hops than a typical brew, about a pound or more per craft barrel to three or four ounces in a regular barrel.

Gordon Biersch at Destiny USA is one of the breweries celebrating American Craft Beer Week. The general manager says the chain hasn’t felt the pinch of rising prices.

“Hops are the spice of the beer. If you think about cooking again, it’s seasoning. Salt opens up your taste buds to allow more flavors to come in. So hops, here, has that use.” Kirk Spare, Gordon Biersch General Manager.

Hop Specialist Steve Miller says the rising prices are good news for New York growers since it costs more to produce it in this state than in other parts of the country where it’s not a specialty crop.

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