The Good People of Wisconsin Now Able to Have Home Brew Events!

Door open for home brew events



Since 1982, Dave Dietz has been home brewing his own beer.

The Reedsburg man has been more involved in the craft the past three years, and in less than a month’s time, it will be legal for him and other home brewers to bring their homemade beers and wines to their brew meetings, tastings and competitions.

State law currently prohibits home brewers from transporting any beer or wine they make. Homemade beverages can only be consumed by a friend, family member or guest at the home of the person making the homemade beer or wine.

This technically makes tasting events or competitions illegal, which threw a wrench for event organizers like Christin Harding, who was going to hold a brew competition last spring, but couldn’t because of legalities.

Beginning Aug. 1, the state law changes, and Harding will hold a brew competition in August at The Barn Restaurant and Bar in Baraboo. She had postponed it until the law changed.

Harding said the event offers brewers a chance to showcase their beers and wines.

At this year’s event she expects about 25 types of beers and 15 different wines.

Dietz will be participating. “I brew mostly beers,” he said.

He got started crafting his own honey wine — or mead — and mixing it with fruit for flavor and color. “It’s a great pastime to have,” he said. “I’m really glad the law has changed. This will help to get more people interested and possibly get them into homebrewing too.(News Republic)


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