Thanksgiving Turkey with Beer Brine

Picture of Brined and Roasted Turkey Recipe We have much to be thankful for. We like to get together with family and close friends and have good food and of course good Beer!  We always brine our turkey, It makes a moist, flavorful bird. Below is one brine, but feel free to add your own favorite flavors.

1  12-16 lb turkey
about 140 oz beer of your choice. Which is about 2 six packs. Porters are good as well as a more citrusy beer. your preference.
2 bunches of thyme
1 bunch rosemary
6 bay leaves
3 yellow onions, quartered
5 celery stalks
5 carrots
2 lemons, quartered
2 cups kosher salt or sea salt                                                              2 oranges, Quartered                                                              optional: bag of ice

Put all the brine ingredients into a large pot, Bring the pot to a boil stirring occasionally. Shut off heat. You can add a Bag of ice at this point to faster chill Brine then set in fridge to chill. You want the brine cold before setting the turkey in it.

Clean Turkey and take out innards. Immerse the turkey in the brine and cover. Make sure liquid covers the entire bird, add some water if necessary

Brine for up to 24 hours. Check on the turkey making sure to turn it a couple of times.

Take the turkey out. Rinse  the turkey inside and out. Set on a roasting rack. Tie the thighs together with kitchen string. Completely dry the turkey  inside and out with paper towels. This will help give you brown, crispy skin. Preheat your oven to 350 and let turkey come up to room temperature. Cover with foil for the first 2 hrs, uncover for the last hour,( however you may want to keep the foil covering the ends of the legs and the wings so they don’t get too brown.)
Place turkey in oven. For a 12-16 lb bird at 350 degrees it should take roughly 3.5 hours to come up to an internal temp of 165. When it reaches that temp, take turkey from oven. Let rest for 20-30 minutes. Carve. You will have a savory, juicy bird.

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