Talk About A Cult Beer…

For beer lovers, ‘Dark Lord Day’ offers a rare taste

A 22-ounce bottle Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout made by Three Floyds Brewery Munster Ind. sells for $15 goes saleA 22-ounce bottle of Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout, made by Three Floyds Brewery in Munster, Ind., sells for $15 and goes on sale just once a year.

Beer lovers started lining the streets near Three Floyds Brewery in Munster, Ind., around 3:30 a.m. Saturday.

That’s the sort of dedication aficionados have for the coveted Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout.

The dense brew — with flavors of coffee, licorice and molasses — has developed a following since the first batch was released in 2004. Some people come from across the country — all for a chance to buy three bottles of the stuff. Each 22-ounce bottle sells for $15.

The demand on the day of the beer’s yearly release — dubbed “Dark Lord Day” by the brewery — has grown from a few hundred people standing in line to the crowd Saturday, estimated in the thousands jamming Indiana Parkway on Satruday in the industrial park where the brewery is located.

These days, people buy tickets to show up at a specified time to get their beer. Still, on Saturday, it took most people two to three hours to get a bottle, or two, or three.

Many in line bring their own favorite beers to drink and trade while they wait.

“I’ve heard so many complaints about the lines,” said Lalo Clara of Bolingbrook, who was there with his brother, Alex, the first time for each of them. “But the people right next to us came with the intention to share. They’re here to enjoy themselves, so we didn’t even notice the wait.”

There were food vendors, too, and a tent where a slate of heavy metal bands performed.

“All of us come here to trade beer and share beer,” said Dustin Dahl, who came from Indianapolis. “People love beer.”(Suntimes)

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