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Sour Saturday lineup The Guys wanted to have a farewell to summer on the last day of summer, so we decided after brewing on Sat morning, we would have a Sour tasting event. so that is what we did!

oude Geuze Vielle First up, Oude Gueze Vielle. We found it to be a  cloudy, pale straw color, a little like lemon sulpher on the nose,  Highly carbonated, Medium sour, low salt finishes dry.

Saison BRitt Saison De Brett was next. Golden, lager like color, orange aroma, med to high carbonation, Light to med Sour, light banana clove, Belgain yeast. Finishes dry.

Cismontane Crismontane Sour Blonde was next. Pale color, Tart aroma, Peach, blue cheese, Med sour, light, short finish

Dutches De Bourgogne Duchesse de Bourgogne. Huge Banana aroma, amber to copper color, very clear. Spicy, caramel,cherry, almond. Flemish style yeast.

20130921_133719 Epic Sour Apple Saison. Very pale, straw color, Cinnamon apple aroma, Belgain style taste with clove, and slightly sweet pumpkin.

Bourgogne Bourgogne Flanders. Clear amber color, Toffee notes to the nose, slight funk. English style Brown, not flanders style. Med sweet, (Crystal 120L Huge Malt) Plumb, caramel sugar notes.

Tart of Darkness sour BrewingReport’s Tart of Darkness. Clear, dark amber, Grape aroma, Medium sour, cherry, grape notes, fades quickly. Dry. In my opinion it was one of the best of the day!

20130921_141412 Oude Gueuze Lambic. Cloudy straw color, med carbonation, Skunky, on the nose, tastes like a heinekin, very dry, med salt, sour.

24th anniv Karl Strauss 24th anniversary. Cigar caramel color, sharp sour flavor, high carb, cherry fruit like a flemish red.

Sour Bruery Bruery Sour in the Rye. Copper color, Very sour aroma, high carbonation, Spicy, can taste the oak barrels. super sour.

contemplating Greg, Paul and Arlene contemplate their last and next tasting.

Gazebo  sour Justin and Greg share a laugh.

recording the eventGlenn taking notes while I’m in charge of the camera.


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