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Craftie™ Beer App: Designed By Craft Beer Lovers, For Craft Beer Lovers


Craftie™ Beer App: Designed By Craft Beer Lovers, For Craft Beer Lovers

Craft beer lovers are about to have a new player in town that’s destined to improve how craft beer aficionados enjoy their favorite pastime. The Craftie™ Beer App, designed by craft beer lovers for craft beer lovers, is working to be available for download on iOS and Android devices this November, but first they need the community’s support to become a reality.

Craftie™ is a new mobile beer app that will feature the country’s almost 2,000 breweries and 20,000 plus craft beers. With three search options, including searches by brewery or beer name, beer style or geographically, users can read the exclusive brewery stories, brewmaster profiles and access tons of information about the craft beers themselves. What adds additional value in Craftie™ is that users will be able to make personal notes, rate the craft beers they love most, and store this information in their own personal database of their craft beer experience. Sounds perfect, right? If you think so, then it’s important to head over to to make a pledge before August 19th.

If you are not aware, is a crowd-funding website that allows individuals to seek funding for all kinds of projects, ranging from technology to art. Project owners set a monetary goal needed to complete their venture and can offer rewards to those who pledge actual dollars to support their project. But projects must be fully funded or no money changes hands, making this an effort of driving interested individuals to become backers. In the case of Craftie™, funds will go toward continuing the development of the iOS and Android native apps and setting up the servers that will power the platform. If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, the app will be available for download this November.

At the time of this writing the app’s Kickstarter campaign already has over 70 backers, and mentions about the Craftie™ beer app have spread throughout social media and the blogosphere. Created in Charlotte, NC by two craft beer-drinking entrepreneurs, a public launch event at one of their local watering holes, World of Beer SouthEnd, topped 70 attendees. But the app has gone beyond local support; national sites such as and have taken notice of Craftie™ as well. Matter of fact, over half of Craftie’s backers are beyond Charlotte, with even a few chipping in from other countries, too.

Designed to be more of the “Wikipedia” of craft beer, Craftie™ is a premium app with rich content and a strong user interface complete with large, beautiful images of breweries, brewmasters, logos, tap art and label art, all of which will make it easier to recall and recognize craft beers when craft beer enthusiasts see them out at their local stores or watering holes. And, even though there are currently a number of beer apps on the market, most are based on gaming and social media, often lacking in the type of depth that Craftie™ provides. For instance, your days of forgetting the name of that beer you sampled and loved are over; by using your personal database stored within Craftie™, you can keep track of all of your favorites and quickly look up the label art when trying to find it on the shelf packed with craft beer options. And when you’re on vacation and decide to drop in and check out some local breweries? All of the information you need is now right at your fingertips.

That’s just a couple of situations in which Craftie™ makes its mark as the craft beer enthusiasts trusted friend. It’s also why it’s important to waste no time in throwing your support behind it. The best way to do that is to make a pledge on It’s no secret that new technology is helping innovative breweries create great craft beer. With Craftie™, now technology also has a chance to change, for the better, how you learn about, interact with, and keep track of the craft breweries and beers that you experience.(Craftbeer)

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