Some New IPAs…

ipa_01 The best balance assertive, tangy hops with enough body in the grain department to achieve liftoff on the palate, and work well with certain foods (especially spicy fare). The fact is that IPA—once thought “experimental”—is now a mainstream craft beer category in America. The latest tend to be drier, more citrusy, floral, aromatic, and sometimes grainy-tasting rather than sweet, toffee-ish, or caramel-y.

Best of all, there’s not just one way to skin this cat. IPAs are still very much experimental, with new or seldom used hop varieties, grains like rye and other darker malts, and Belgian yeast strains, resulting in a rainbow of brews almost any beer lover could appreciate.

And read on for the skinny on several great new IPAs, some easy to find—and one that requires a trip you ought to take anyway.

Red’s Rye IPA
Founder’s Brewing Co., Grand Rapids, MI
Fans of Amarillo—the intensely grapefruity hop, not the town, although it must be perfectly nice there—will love this brew as much as we do. Spicy rye and rich Belgian specialty malts balance it all out very nicely. 6.6% abv

Widmer Brothers Brewing Co., Portland, OR
Unfiltered and hazy-copper in appearance, this tasty new brew from one of Portland’s first beer pioneers has boatloads of Alchemy, Chinook, Simcoe, Brewer’s Gold, Willamette, and Nelson Sauvin hops and 40% wheat malt for ample body. 7% abv

Fresh Squeezed IPA
Deschutes Brewing Co., Bend, OR
Now moving into six-packs and wide draft release, this former Bond St. series draft-only brew bursts with the flavors of Citra, Mosaic, and Nugget hops, and will be available in 25 states in the first week of March. 6.4% abv

The 4-Way IPA 12-Pack
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Chico, CA
The original progenitors of American Pale Ale have two brand new IPAs on deck, and are releasing a half-rack of whole hop cone goodness through July. The 12-beer box includes four each of the spicy, complex Snow Wit White IPA, sociably light yet assertive Nooner Session IPA, a rich and roasty Blindfold Black IPA, and the now classic Torpedo Extra IPA.

Green House IPA
Hops & Grain Brewery, Austin, TX
This experimental series of brews will feature a different dry hop every month and be released only in 300-case batches (yup: time to book a trip, pardner). But which hops? After the resinous, Mosaic-rich release #1, the cans will remain mysterious, encouraging drinkers to guess (or scan the can’s QR-code to learn more).


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