San Antonio’s Ben Gomez

By day Dan Gomez is an engineer. By night — and almost every spare minute he has, for that matter — he’s a cervecero, or a beer brewer.

The president of the San Antonio Cerveceros Home Brew Corporation, Gomez says he founded the organization to create a craft beer community where people could learn more about the beverage.

Gomez first became passionate about craft beer after years of drinking beer whose names he won’t even mention now.

“The beer thing, I’ve been doing it for 13 years, trying it, tasting it,” he says. “It (drinking other beer) just got to the point where it was boring.”

A self-described foodie and traveler, Gomez says one of the goals he and the organization have is to bring flavors from other places to San Antonio.

The group, which started with Gomez and two other people, attracted 40 people to its first big event called Teach a Friend. Attendees numbered 350 last year. The club has more than 60 members.

“I knew I wanted something big,” he says. “I have a go-big-or-go-home mentality. I don’t like to do it halfway.”

Showing amateur home brewers the ins and outs of the hobby has been right up Gomez’s alley. His day job and hobby seem to have many similarities.

“The biggest parallel is the experimentation,” he says. “That’s very similar.”

Gomez says teaching has always been a passion of his and he gets to do that with the club. He has big dreams for the nonprofit, especially getting people from all backgrounds involved.

“We have a lot of diversity,” he says, but adds that he wishes more women would join. “It’s always been male dominated but it shouldn’t be.”

Just as he hopes to change the male-dominated craft beer community into one with more women, Gomez says he also sees San Antonio becoming more of a craft beer city.

“We like San Antonio in that we want to stay here,” he says about members of the club, adding they also like the craft beer culture of other cities. “So we hope we end up changing our culture.”

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