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Brewbot Lets you Brew Craft Beers With Your Smartphone

A new connected home brewing kit turns phones into command centers for DIY craft beer creation.

The world of hobbyists home-brewing beer just got more techie. Cargo, a Northern Ireland-based company, is raising funds on Kickstarter for its new project, Brewbot. Brewbot is a smart appliance that brews homemade beer to the user’s specifications. Using an iPhone interface, home brewers can monitor the inner workings of their brew kit and tweak them remotely.

But the most important part of the project is an attempt to radically streamline home brewing. The app comes preloaded with a number of recipes for different varieties of beer, and walks users through the process of supply purchase and setup. Instead of leaving would-be brewers to mess up their first batch of beer, Brewbot essentially automates the process. Cargo plans to market the Brewbot to both home and bar/retail buyers; the smart device uses Arduino to connect the iPhone with the homebrew kit.

Ultimately, the success of Brewbot will depend on tapping two entirely separate audiences: casual users who just want to brew the occasional lagers at home, and commercial users with entirely different needs. But, either way, science has just created a way to brew beer with an iPhone.


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