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Our Bottling Process

Our Bottling Process:

We have put together pictures and explanations of our bottling process for your informational purposes!

We feel that the reason most home brewed beers fail is from the lack of sanitation! We cannot emphasize enough that sanitation will MAKE or BREAK your beer!

Two of our carboys that are going to be bottled today. Notice we use a blow off tube & container (on the right side in the picture.) Because of the way we start our yeast, it reacts so quickly that it can overwhelm the airlock and can cause the wort to blow up; literally…. ask our ceiling.

Sanitize, Sanitize, SANITIZE!!!

Sanitizing the bottles prior to bottling.

Priming sugar, that was boiled for 5 minutes and then cooled. Added to the beer at bottling for carbonation.

Syphoning the beer from the carboy to the bottling bucket.

We use a strainer to keep the trub (sediment on the bottom of a fermenter) out of our finished, bottled product.

Bottling wand being used to get the beer into the bottles from the bottling bucket.

Applying the bottle caps with a bottle capper.

Finished products of Ligero Brewing.



2 Responses to Our Bottling Process

  1. Rick Fox says:

    I noticed that you mentioned “sterilize” a number of times in the article above. I am sure that you know the difference between sanitize and sterilize, but some newbies may not and attempt to sterilize rather than the recommended sanitize.

    To clarify, sanitization is generally thought of as killing the more sensitive vegetative cells but not heat-resistant spores. Sanitization does not necessarily include sterilization, although some processes of sanitization accomplish sterilization.

    Sterilization means the freeing of any object or substance from all life of any kind, this includes heat resistant spores. For microbiological purposes microorganisms may be killed in situ (In place) by heat, gases (such as formaldehyde, ethylene oxide, or B-propiolactone), solutions of various chemicals, or ultraviolet or gamma irradiation.

    To help keep your wonderful site credible, a change in nomenclature may provide the best advice possible.

    Thanks for all you do to help the brewers!

  2. Rick Fox says:

    I am impressed with your timely response as you made changes. I also appreciate your kindness by sending me a Brewing Report T shirt!!! I was pleasantly surprised when I received the very sweet looking heavy duty shirt! You guys ROCK!!!! Thanks again!!!!

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