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Top 10 Gifts for the Beer Snob in Your Life

The holiday season is officially here. The Christmas lights are up in my neighborhood, the house smells like a fresh tree and my daughter keeps asking me when Santa is coming over. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s definitely that time of year again.

No matter what you celebrate, it’s quite possible that you’re looking for gift ideas for that special someone in your life. In this case, that special someone is your favorite beer snob. Here’s a list of my favorite beer-related gift ideas that any beer geek is guaranteed to enjoy.

Listed in order of price, starting with the lowest, here are the best ten beer gifts to get for your favorite beer snob.

1. BeerSavers Silicone Bottle Caps


These tiny, stretchy silicone bottle caps are a great stocking-stuffer for your favorite beer geek. They’re small, durable and work great at keeping your beer fresh. Made from dishwasher safe material, BeerSavers are designed to fit most standard beer bottles, allowing you to keep a half-used bottle in the fridge without it going bad. They are also great for parties, as they help you identify which beer is yours. My favorite use for them, however, is to keep your empty bottles sterile before you fill them with your homebrew.

2. Set of Coasters

Set of Wood Coasters

Despite what they might say, everybody needs a nice set of coasters readily available to them. From scratches to water rings, coasters are your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your furniture from the damage that may come along with the beverages you enjoy while relaxing on your couch. Don’t let another coffee table get ruined because somebody was too lazy to clean up their mess.

They type of coasters that you get will all depend on the person, and the current decor of their home. I personally like this set of Spectrum Sierra wood coasters, pictured on the right, but there are hundreds of options available. Browse around and you’re sure to find the right set of coasters for your loved one.

3. Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

If your loved one drinks a lot of bottled beer, then a wall-mounted bottle opener is another must-have gift for them. Simply mount it on the wall next to your refrigerator or somewhere in their man-cave, and they’ll be able to pop off that cap with a simple flick of the wrist.

I personally like the rustic wall-mounted bottle opener, pictured on the right, but there are many options out there. Some wall bottle openers will even have a built-in bucket below it that will catch the caps as the fall. Whatever direction you choose to go, make sure you browse around and find the right one to match the decor of their home.

4. Growler


Any true beer geek knows the value of owning a sturdy growler. Designed to keep draft beer fresh on-the-go, growlers are a must-have item for everyone that calls themselves a real beer enthusiast.

This growler with a metal handle is my personal favorite, not because it looks cool, but because it’s very functionable for a growler. It has the capacity to hold over four pints of draft beer. The wide lip top is easy to fill and withstands the pressure of carbonation. The metal handle allows you to carry it around, with minimal risk of dropping it.

Whether you get this growler pictured or not, it’s important to remember that if you buy a glass growler that it is amber. Otherwise, you run the risk of UV light getting in and spoiling the beer.

5. Set of Beer Glasses

Beer Glassware

Arguably, this is the most important beer-related gift you could get for a craft beer enthusiast. There are many different types of beer glasses out there, so it wouldn’t be easy to declare any particular set as a must-have. But, if your loved one has a love for beer, then this is a no-brainer as a gift.

If you know what type of beer style they prefer, then you can easily figure out which one would be the fit best for them. If not, then go with the one you think looks the best. While it’s true that the type of glass helps bring out the flavors and aromas, the first thing they’ll notice is the way it looks.

My personal favorite, which I own and drink out of frequently, is the Spiegelau Stemmed Pilsner glasses. I’ve had them for months now, and the only complaint I have about them is that my wife constantly uses them to drink Dr. Pepper.

6. Beer Flight Set

Beer Flight Set

Flights of beer are great! With so many different craft beers hitting the shelves these days, who wouldn’t want to sample a small selection without having to commit to only one? A beer flight set is great for entertaining and tasting amongst friends.

This beer flight set from Libby comes with four 6 oz. sample glasses and a wooden carrying paddle. If you really want to go the extra mile, include four different bottles of beer along with the set.

7. Portable Ice Maker

Portable Ice Maker

Whether you’re needing to ice down your beer or make mixed drinks, at some point, everybody needs a little extra ice. Which is why these portable ice makers are great to have around. While this doesn’t necessarily apply to drinking beer, or at least we would hope you don’t drink beer on the rocks, we would still recommend this as a gift for anyone that has a bar in their home.

They’re small, portable and don’t require a constant water line. Simply plug it in, pour in a little water and you’ll be able to serve ice about 10 minutes later. The Edgestar Ice Maker, pictured to the right, has the ability to make up to 28 lbs. of ice every day.

8. Mini Kegerator

Edgestar Mini Kegerator

Hands-down, the mini kegerator is going to win this years prize as the best gift you can give to a beer snob. The Edgestar mini kegerator, pictured to the right, is designed to dispense beer from non-pressurized 5 liter kegs. This gives you the flavors and aromas of draft beer, without taking up much space in your home.

Mini 5 liter kegerators are small and built with lightweight materials, making them easy to move around and plug in almost anywhere. They come with an AC/DC power adapter, so you can bring it to a tailgate party or camping trip.

We would recommend the Edgestar mini kegerator, with the Koldfront brand coming in a close second. It will be difficult to find a better mini kegerator that is not from these two brands.

9. Home Brew Kit

Home Brew Kit

Home brewing is becoming more and more popular every year. Which is precisely why a home brewing starter kit would be a great idea for a gift. But, having the right equipment kit is crucial, if you want them to be successful. There are many ways you go about getting the right homebrew equipment for your loved one. You can either buy everything individually or buy a pre-made kit.

We would recommend buying a kit, as these typically have everything you need to get started, as well as prevents the common problem of a beginner homebrewer discovering they need something in the middle of making a batch. Buying a homebrew kit will also save you a few bucks, as it’s cheaper than buying the parts individually.

10. Dual-Tap Kegerator

Dual-Tap Kegerator from EdgeStar

The grand-daddy of beer gifts would be the dual-tap kegerator. There is nothing quite like owning a kegerator that gives you the choice of two different draft beers whenever you want. This is a must-have for every man-cave.

The stainless steel dual-tap kegerator from Edgestar, pictured to the right, works better than any other kegerator on the market at reaching temperatures in the lower 30′s. All the components of this kegerator are made here in the USA and the tower, faucets, handles, and hoses are all NSF-approved, commercial grade. The tower of this kegerator is insulated, helping maintain an even temperature in the beer lines.

Much like the mini-kegerator listed above, it would be difficult to find a dual-tap kegerator that gets the temperature down as low. There’s no better gift to a beer snob, than the gift of ice-cold draft beer whenever they want.


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