Make it a good night

I’m one of those cooks that looks into the pantry not knowing what it is I want to make. What sounds good? What haven’t we had in a while? I love creating. Today I looked in and decided the ingredient I wanted to work with was green enchilada sauce. Sounds good for a cool evening meal. I just happen to have a large Vidalia Onion, and some marinated chicken (which I always have, because when I use it, I start another and put it in the back of the fridge) I decided that an IPA would go well with the flavors that were starting to develop in my brain. So I chose the beer we called, “Emma”. I sliced the onion and started to sweat it in a large pot. I added the whole 22 oz of IPA. Then about a cup of Chicken stock. It was smelling good in the house. That excites me. I saw a can of whole green chilis. I sliced them into little squares and threw them in the pot. Then I had some leftover canned Jalapenos, I chopped them up and threw them in also. The concoction was smelling good and tasting good also. I chopped up the chicken breast into bite size cubes and added it right into the liquid. I’m happy with the result and decide it will be awesome served with the Jalapeno cheese bread that my scientist/geek husband made earlier today.

It’s going to be an awesome dinner!

I wish you delicious family dinners!

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