Logan Plant: Craft Brewer

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Logan Plant got hooked on US craft beer touring with his band. Now his American-style beer and BBQ joint – and mini brewery called Beavertown – is a hit in the UK..

Music and beer have always come hand‑in‑hand for me, and I was surrounded by both from a young age. I grew up in the Midlands’ Black Country, where there’s an established brewing tradition. But it wasn’t until I was a bit older, in a band singing and touring the US, that my eyes were opened to craft beer.

Touring inevitably meant as much drinking as playing – I tried quite a few different craft beers from across the US, but I remember the lightbulb moment clearly. We’d played a show in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York and, afterwards, went into a bar called Fette Sau, where they served amazing barbecue food with home brews. To me, that combination of smoked meats and fruity beers designed to match them was absolutely perfect. I decided to create something similar back home.

Shortly afterwards, I left the band, bought a load of books and started experimenting in my kitchen, developing my own brewing style by trial and error. I set up a brewery – Beavertown, named after the old Cockney nickname for De Beauvoir Town in east London, home of our first premises were. And we set up an American-style barbecue joint where we’d also serve the beers – which became Duke’s Brew and Que in Dalston.

My taste in beer has changed dramatically over the past three years. At first I was really into British cask ales, but when we opened the restaurant it wasn’t quite what I wanted with the food, so I drew more on Belgian and US styles. The scope for recipes is limitless – we’ve tried all sorts of crazy combinations, as well as herb and fruit infusions.

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