July’s “Cool Your Wort” Photo Contest

20130629_110403  Cool down

To avoid off flavors, temperature is a big factor. Here in Southern California When it’s 96 degrees at 9:00 in the morning like it is today, It is difficult if not impossible to cool the wort to 80 degrees with just a Wort Chiller. The water here is just not cold enough, like it is back East. So we have discovered the Redneck Cooling system! We have two 2 liter bottles filled with water and frozen solid. Drop in the Wort and within 25 min it goes from 120 degrees to 80!! Ready to be racked and put into the fermentation chamber.

Now through July 31, we are hosting a photo contest on our facebook page for the best photos of how you cool your wort on these hot summer days!
One winner will be chosen and will receive a set of 4- BrewingReport.com pint glasses!

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