It doesn’t get much cooler, a craft brewery in the old Schlitz Horse Stable? How Awesome is the Beer Vibe in that Building??

Argus Brewery Returns Craft Of Beer To Pullman

Argus Brewery

(Credit: Argus Brewery)

— The Argus Brewing Company has brought the craft of beer production back to Pullman, inside the former Schlitz Brewery horse stable.

“The building has got a spirit, and it’s part of all of us,” said Patrick Jensen, who founded Argus Brewery with his father, Robert Jensen, and began selling beer more than two years ago.

The stable, at 11314 S. Front Ave., was constructed more than a century ago and is known for the prominent horse-head sculpture mounted on the exterior wall.

“In 1907, Joseph E. Schlitz bought this property from the Pullman factory. See, Pullman was dry, so in a sense, he came in, and was able to provide beer to the workers,” said brewery historian Nick Lubovich.

The Jensens also tout their own family’s more than 100 years’ experience in the food and beverage industry, as technologists and chemical engineers.

Lubovich says a special brew – Pullman Palace Car – will soon be coming out, and proceeds will benefit a local community group.

Meanwhile, Patrick Jensen expects to start expanding this year, because every month, sales have outdone the month before.

“In our first year of bottling, we did 5,000 cases, and we plan on doing 15,000 this year,” he said.

Naturally, Jensen is expected to bring the beer to every party he attends.

“Suddenly you own a brewery, and you’ve got to bring a case with you wherever you go,” he said. “I have like four in my car at all times”

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