It better be Really Good Beer!!

wife.jpgWin Your wife’s weight in beer!!

Yup, that’s the grand prize of this year’s North American Wife-Carrying Championship, taking place at Sunday River in Newry, Maine on Oct. 6, along with five times your betrothed’s weight in cash. Of course, wives also have the option of carrying their husbands for the same prize.

The Wife-Carrying Championships were inspired by Finnish wife-carrying folklore and the 19th century character, Rankainen, who chose people for his band on the strict nature on how well he could carry his wife over an obstacle course. The modern day event takes place on the slopes during Sunday River’s annual fall festival, on a 278-yard alpine course complete with wooden hurdles, sand traps, and the “widow maker” water hazard.

Competing teams don’t necessarily have to be married, but must comprise of a man and a woman, 21 years or older. Couples compete two at a time on the course until the top two fastest times have been determined for the finals. Winners also automatically qualify for the 2013 event.

There will be a playing field of 50 couples vying for the prizes this year, the 13th time Sunday River has hosted the event, including a selection of former champions. For complete information, visit

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