Hi Desert Craft Beer! This Is BrewingReport’s Turf!!

New Oak Hills Brewery on tap [Daily Press, Victorville, Calif.]

Nov. 17–HESPERIA — Beer connoisseurs rejoice. A new microbrewery is open for business in the High Desert, and owners Jerry Hackbarth and John Brock are toasting the event with a couple of glasses of homemade brew.

If Friday’s grand opening crowd at Oak Hills Brewery is any indication of the future, the brewery will need to order more glasses.

“We finally have a place where we can get fresh beer right out of the tap,” said Zane Bower of Pinon Hills, who bellied up to the counter to buy some brew. “I love craft beer, especially the Moderation Cream Ale and the Belgian Triple.”

Located in the Stepping Stone Industrial Park, between Highway 395 and Interstate 15, the 2,250-square-foot microbrewery includes 200 square feet of retail space and a tasting room where beer lovers can purchase and taste a variety brews on site before buying a refillable 64 ounce growler or keg.

As the waiting crowd of 50 spilled out into the parking lot, Brock gave a tour of the back room where the brewing magic happens.

“This is where we go from receiving hops and barley, to measuring and mixing, all the way to the fermentation process,” said Brock, as he opened a walk-in cooler to reveal 70 kegs of beer. “Fermentation time is our only limiting factor right now.”

The brewery, which plans to distribute beer to local eateries, does not have immediate plans to bottle.

“I’m looking at grabbing a few kegs for Christmas and the Superbowl,” said Keith Peterson, who had his eye on a growler of Conviction Pale Ale. “This is like craft beer paradise.”

Hackbarth, who is the son of Del Taco founder Edward Hackbarth, and Brock, an engineer for Boeing, decided to join forces two years ago to bring a variety of craft beers, such as India Pale Ale, to new and veteran beer lovers.(VV Daily Press)


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