Help the troops by drinking beer aged with baseball bats

Maple bats in fermentation tanks for Homefront IPA (©The Phoenix Ale Brewery/Facebook/

What does a baseball bat taste like? If you’ve ever wondered this — and we’re not judging, it takes all kinds to make a world — your answer is on the way come Memorial Day in the form of Homefront IPA, a new beer brewed with unfinished Louisville Sluggers. Nine boutique breweries around America are joining together to create the beverage, and all proceeds will go to Operation Homefront, an organization offering military families emergency financial help. If you’re still wondering about the bats, the brewski is fermented in tanks with orange peel and actual maple bats, providing that delicate hint of, well, maple bats. And, after the brewing process is finished, the liquor-logged bats are dried and auctioned off

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