For You Bicycle/ Beer Guys….

The Beer Wrench

Fix a flat and open a beer at the same time with Budnitz Bicycles’ new titanium tool


Combining a trifecta of our own personal passions—minimalist design, bicycles and beer—is the newly released Beer Wrench from Budnitz Bicycles. The pocket-sized tool features a 15mm wrench to remove axle bolts on one end, and a bottle opener on the other, and secures to most bicycles’ water bottle cage mount with two easily removable thumb-screws. Made by the company that put super simple, titanium bicycles on the map, each wrench is machined from aerospace-grade titanium to cut weight down to an ultra-light 35 grams.

Budnitz-Beer-Wrench-1.jpg While designed specifically to fit any standard axle bolt, the 15mm wrench is also compatible with Shimano’s Afline internal hub bolts and Pitlock spindle keys. Plus, the simple engraving on the bottle opener—”The road is the destination”—may just help to ease the inevitable frustration of fixing a flat.(Cool Hunting)


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