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Clips of Faith Beer & Film Tour:

Yesterday, New Belgium Brewery helped sponsor “Clips of Faith” in Olin Park, Madison. (Wisconsin) “Clips of Faith” is an annual showing of short films, including New Belgium-focused films, to audiences in major cities in the United States. A bicycling organization is the benefactor of each city event; proceeds of the New Belgium beers sold last evening benefited the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin.

An incredible line-up of New Belgium beers was available. The beers were priced at $5 for a full glass or $1.25 for a sample. Wood chips were exchanged for dollars and used to buy the beers at the beer tents. Here are all the beers that were available on tap:

1554 Enlightened Black Ale, a 5.6% ABV beer with a chocolaty and smoky taste.

Abbey Belgian Style Ale, a 7% ABV light brown Belgian with the aroma of cloves, bananas and chocolate. The taste is of creme brulee or chocolate covered bananas.


Belgo Belgian Style Ale, a 7% ABV hoppy and bitter Belgian IPA with the taste of citrus, banana and bubble gum.

Bier de Mars, a 6.2% ABV farmhouse ale conditioned with Brettanomyces yeast. This beer had the taste of orange and an aroma of pineapple.

Blue Paddle, a 4.8% ABV Pilsener lager brewed in the Czech style. This brewski was very light and had a slightly floral aroma.

Cocoa Mole, a 9% ABV ale spiced with cocoa, cinnamon and Ancho, Chipotle and Gaujillo peppers.

Dig, a 5.6% ABV pale lager brewed with the novel Sorachi Ace and Nelson Sauvin hop varieties. These hops give the beer a tropical fruit aroma and citrus taste.

Fat Tire, New Belgium’s flagship beer, is a 5.2% ABV ale that has a caramel taste and maltiness that so many have come to love.

La Folie, a 6% ABV sour brown ale aged in French Oak barrels. This beer has the defined aroma of cherries and a chocolaty taste.

Lost Abbey, a 7.5% ABV collaboration bber brewed with Brettanomyces yeast and Sorachi Ace hops. The combination of the wild yeast and novel citrus hops gives this beer a pineapple aroma and taste.

Matt’s Cascadian Dubbel, a 7% ABV Belgian ale that was my favorite beer of the bunch. This beer had a very subtle fruit aroma and a malty, chocolaty taste. Despite its high IBU of 60, I didn’t even taste the bitterness of this beer.

Ranger, a 6.5% ABV India Pale Ale that is the most bitter of all New Belgium’s beers, coming up at 70 IBU’s. This beer’s light caramel taste is balanced by its intense hops flavor.

Shift, a 5% ABV pale lager with the slight aroma of honey and a malty taste.

Somersault, a 5.2% ABV ale spiced with ginger and apricot. This beer has an aroma and definite taste of citrus and ginger.

Tart Lychee, a 7.5% ABV barrel-aged sour beer spiced with lychee fruit puree and cinnamon sticks. A sour and sweet beer.

Trippel, a 7.8% ABV Belgian style ale with the aroma of cloves and bananas and the taste of malt and even coriander.

Valentine’s, a 7.5% pink-colored Saison style ale spiced with rose hips, orange peel and raspberries. This was an incredibly tasty fruit-based beer, carrying both the smell and taste of raspberries.

While the beer selection was incredible, the lines themselves were long and slow. My suspicion is that tour organizers weren’t expecting such a large turnout of beer imbibers. Beer samples were easily available but I could order only one full-size glass of beer at a time. This meant that I had to stand in line again in order to get my partner a beer. As a result, I saw only 6 or 7 of the 20 films being shown on the big inflatable screen located at my back.

The beers and crowd at Clips of Faith
The beers and crowd at Clips of Faith
Photo credit:
Halina Zakowicz

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