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Beer Guy: Asheville Brewing opens hops bar

Hop up your beer at Asheville Brewing
Hop up your beer at Asheville Brewing: The Beer Guy and special guest Carol Motsinger, aka Half Pint, visit Asheville Brewing to discuss the new “hop bar” at the Coxe Avenue location. Beer enthusiasts can now select from a number of hops and personally infuse a pint on their own. 2/19/13.
Pete Langheinrich shows off the new fresh hop bar at Asheville Brewing’s downtown location on Coxe Avenue

Wants some extra Cascade hops with that Rocket Girl lager? Or perhaps a splash of Chinook with that Shiva?

In a new twist, Asehville Brewing has added a hops bar at its downtown Coxe Avenue location. For a dollar, you can get an extra shot of hops for any of the brewery’s house beers.

For starters, the hop bar will offer Amarillo, Simcoe Citra, Cascade and Chinook hops. These are “fresh, full-cone hops,” said Asheville Brewing President Mike Rangel.

He got the idea from watching bartenders use various ingredients infused into cocktails. “In the last few years, we have tripled the different kinds of hops that we use (in Asheville Brewing beers). We have very much become the ‘House of IPAs.’ And this is another way of educating folks about hops.”

The hops will be out on the Coxe Avenue bar, as will a menu describing the various flavors that they impart. A bartender will pour your chosen beer and fill a small infuser device with the loose hops — sort of the way you might do with loose tea.(Citezen-Times)


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