Crocodile Bile Suspected In Poison Beer Deaths. Oh my.

Samples of a country’s traditional beer are sent for testing after possibly being contaminated with crocodile bile.

Some 72 people have died and nearly 200 others were taken to hospital in Mozambique after drinking contaminated beer at a funeral.

It is thought the drink was poisoned with crocodile bile during the course of the funeral, but police are still investigating the source.

Samples of the traditional beer, Pombe, as well as blood samples, have been sent to the capital Maputo to be tested.

Pombe is made from cornflour or millet.

Of the 196 people originally admitted to hospitals in the country’s northeastern Tete province, where the funeral took place, only around 35 remain.

The region’s health director, Paulo Bernando, told Radio Mozambique: “People flocked to the hospital, suffering from diarrhea and muscle pain.

“Then bodies from various neighbourhoods were brought to the hospital, and this alerted us.”

Mozambique’s government has declared three days of mourning following the deaths.

The authorities are collecting clothing, food and coffins for the bereaved families.

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