Crap Or Craft? There’s Ann App For That…

Craft beer or not? New app will tell you

A new app will tell you if that beer you’re drinking is an “authentic” craft beer or (shudder) a macro-brew in disguise. And poor Leinenkugel’s gets held out as an example of what not to drink.

Fortune profiled the entrepreneur/beer drinkers behind the Craft Check app this week. It’s basically a simple database that lets the user scan a beer bottle and find the ownership of that beer. It’s meant to help ferret out small-batch-seeming beers that are really the product of conglomerates. Scan a Leinenkugel’s, for example, and you’ll get a “imitation craft brew” warning, because it’s owned by MillerCoors. Leinies is brewed in Chippewa Falls, Wis, about 90 minutes east of the Twin Cities.

The story also goes into the ongoing battle between brewers over just what constitutes “craft,” noting that big beer companies, who are losing market share as craft breweries proliferate, are hitting back by either buying up small producers or marketing their beer as “crafted.”

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