Craft Beer in Royal Pint Cans, Very Cool!!!

Canned revolution: Dales Pale Ale now in royal pints.

Oskar Blues Brewery
Oskar Blues Brewery

Oskar Blues Brewery of Longmont Colorado has time and time again pushed the canned craft beer revolution to new heights and great success. A major leader in this success has been the canning of Dales Pale Ale that took place 10 years ago quickly gaining a reputation of being the perfect beer for taking on a hike or enjoying at a concert. Voluminously hopped this pale ale now holds claim to such titles as; “Top US Pale Ale” by the New York Times, the number 1 selling pale ale in Colorado and the number one selling canned six pack in America. With these highly respected accolades it is no surprise that Oskar Blues Brewery has continued to create historic moments throughout the beer world with Dales Pale Ale.

On October 11th 2012 the brewery hosted a party at the Blake Street Tavern in Denver Colorado to announce that they will now be offering their favorite flagship beer in 19.2 ounce cans. The measurement of 19.2 ounces or 568mL is equivalent to a royal pint making it a single serve helping of brew. While the craft beer community has seen tall boys playing home to their favorite beers in recent years this single serve style canned brew is the first of its kind in America.

With measurements that equal approximately the height of a 24 ounce can and the diameter of a 16 ounce cans this sleek looking can is sure to be a perfect fit for any and every occasion where the need for beer is present. While enjoying this old time favorite pale ale in its new can craft beer lovers should take just a second and remember that this is a part of history. The Ball Corporation is the only American company making this style of can and Oskar Blues is the only one filling it. History is long and can be boring at times but when you are able to look back and say “I remember the first time that was ever done” a whole new special feeling can take over. These new cans won’t be hard to spot and will be available in Colorado immediately and will then be part of the Oskar Blues Brewery’s Ohio and Kentucky launch on October 22nd and for those other state in the distribution network you only have a short time to get those refrigerators ready to hold royal pints of Dales because these will be hitting stores all over in January of 2013.(

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