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The BrewsKey™ Eliminates the Muss and Fuss of Dressing Your Beer with Salt and Lime

SAN ANTONIO, Dec. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — A San Antonio startup has invented an easy way to build a chelada inside a beer bottle. The BrewsKey “unlocks the flavors of your beer” using 100% natural dehydrated lime and sea salt.

What is a Chelada?
A chelada (Spanish translation: “my little cold one”) is simply a salt-rimmed glass of beer with lime added. In Texas, where the BrewsKey is manufactured, asking the bartender for a “dressed” beer is common. The bartender will stick a lime wedge in and sprinkle some salt on the bottleneck. Some believe that adding the salt and lime enhances the flavor of the beer; however, “it does have sort of an ‘ick-factor’ associated to it if you really let yourself think about it” laughs BrewsKey online marketing coordinator, Anne Gerber. “With The BrewsKey, you never have to lick salt off a dirty beer bottle that contains a manhandled lime wedge.”

How The BrewsKey works
Using the product is simple: Unscrew the top of The BrewsKey actuator, load in a flavor cup which contains the 100% natural lime and sea salt, place it on top of the bottle, and slam it down. Repeat depending on the amount of flavor the user wishes to extract from the cup. The BrewsKey makes a perfectly dressed chelada every time! View the step-by-step instructions here.

When you “dress” a beer using The BrewsKey:

  • The natural lime shoots into the beer, distributed on the inside neck through to the bottom
  • The sea salt lines the top rim and inside the bottleneck

See a quick product demo video of The BrewsKey here.

Holiday gift ideas for beer lovers
“Lots of folks these days get their daily coffee fix from little flavor cups. Why not their beer, too?” says Gerber. “We think The BrewsKey is a great addition to a home bar and it’s portable so folks can make any beer into chelada whether it’s at the bar, a BBQ, or a football game.”

BrewsKey reload cups are available in quantities of 12, 24 and 48 count box sizes. The BrewsKey actuator is sold separately. Customers can also give the product a test drive with The BrewsKey Starter Kit which includes The BrewsKey actuator and six BrewsKey reload cups – a perfect party pair with a six-pack of beer.

The BrewsKey and reload cups are sold on the company’s website at and at retail locations in San Antonio. Wholesale inquiries are welcome.

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