Craft Beer at Your Local Gas Station, I Like It !!

Sunoco now has craft beer on tap.

I love Bud Light as much as the next semi-retired bro, but part of what we are trying to do with the alcohol section of Guyism is to help people step their booze game up. Clearly if you are a Guyism reader you are well above average, so I want to help you drink like it. That’s part of the reason you see a decent number of posts from me about craft beer. Many people think this means you have to go to a specialty store or seek out a brewpub, but thankfully, that’s not the case.

Sunoco Beer Taps 154x214 Sunoco now has craft beer on tapSunoco, which you will instantly recognize as a gas station, began selling craft beer at their APlus convenience stores this summer.

The Craft Beer Exchange offers our customers in the Buffalo area a unique selection of 12 rotating craft beers available “to go” in our 64 ounce growlers. Whether you’re heading to a party, gearing up for the big game or just enjoying a relaxing night at home, a growler from the Craft Beer Exchange is the freshest way to enjoy local and hard to find craft beer.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds awesome. I have no clue how I’d get a growler home on a motorcycle, but damnit, where there’s a beer there’s a way. If a growler isn’t your thing, they also offer 22s and a build your own six-pack option. The BYO has always been my favorite way to try new beers. It gives me the option to sample a variety instead of committing to six of something I may hate. Hey, just because it’s craft beer doesn’t mean that it’s good beer. While the pilot program still remains only in upstate NY, its success does offer hope that it may spread to their other locations around the country. The real problem for me is that I’m not sure how much faith I have in a gas station to offer the most fresh beer. Given my childlike joy for the increasing popularity of flavorful beer, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

If you don’t live in NY, hope for easy access is not lost. 7-11 and Walmart have both gotten into the craft beer game as well, but unfortunately you won’t always find the most interesting brews in their aisles. While they want to capitalize on that market, constantly shifting product is a much more convoluted process for them. They tend to pick a few popular staples and stick with them. If do you happen to live in upstate NY though, check out the list of APlus locations with the Beer Exchange.


Sunoco Craft Beer Exchange Sunoco now has craft beer on tap 

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