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We’re Gonna Pop Some Tabs – 10 Awesome Beer Can Designs

Now that we’ve learned craft beer is on the rise, thanks to Budweiser’s admittance, let’s take a look at an offshoot of the craft beer craze. It’s one thing to drink craft beer; it’s another to drink it out of a can.  It combines the joy of having a beer, with just enough nostalgia to make for a wonderful experience. Drinking beer from a can hearkens back to a past world, an homage to the working class of the 50’s.


10.  Cervecería Sagrada, Mexico: Craft brew meets Mexico in this fantastic masked can.



9. Westbrook Brewing, South Carolina: Love the type face, and the seemingly hand-typed details.



8. Santa Fe Brewing Company: Simple design. Geographically relevant. Spot on.



7. 21st Amendment Brewery, San Francisco: You can never go wrong with putting historical figures at the forefront of your marketing, just ask Lincoln the Vampire Slayer.


6. Austin Beerworks, Austin: That is one bold A.



5. 21st Amendment Brewery, San Francisco: Dick Tracy anyone?



4. Brindle Dog Brewing Company, Florida: Now this is bringing that 50’s nostalgia to plain sight.



3. Payette Brewing Co, Idaho: If cowboys drank beer in modern saloons, this would be their go-to drink.


2. Stella Artois: There’s just something about a Stella in red.



1. Churchkey Can Co., Seattle: Great design, peep the old-school punch top can.





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