Check out Anchor’s New Site! The Beer that Started the Craft Brew Movement!


Anchor Brewing

Founded in San Francisco 115 years ago, Anchor Brewing inspired what is now known as the craft brewing industry (without which beer drinkers might be drinking less-than-appetizing brews).

Combining rich history and traditional process with some state of the art touches, the site goes a long way in showcasing the iconic brewery. The nav is simple, visual, smooth and seamless, leaving Anchor’s rich, historical imagery (culled from the brewery’s archives) to take center stage. Beer Bio videos (produced by Redtail Media) tell the brand story of Anchor Brewing through an investigation of each of their beer brands and the Beer Shelf presents all of Anchor’s signature bottles (selecting a beers drops the entire nav) as a means of navigating to each product write-up.

• The site was in production for five months and is the centerpiece of the Anchor Brewing digital ecosystem which will eventually include sister sites for Anchor Corporate and Anchor Distilling.

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