California #1 in Craft Beer…

Calif. tops country as craft brewing capital

California may be known for some of the country’s best wine, but it’s the Golden State’s golden nectar that’s now being widely touted.

Website ranked America’s 10 states with the largest selection of regional craft breweries and California emerged over longstanding hubs like Washington, Oregon and Colorado.

For ages, craft — or micro brewing, has been synonymous with the Pacific Northwest or the Rockies. But California has steadily emerged as a huge player in the production of artisan ales, stouts, pilsners, lagers, saisons, sours, and basically any other brew on the beer list.

But it’s not just about volume in the Golden State. California is home to many award-winning breweries including Stone and Green Flash to the south and Sierra Nevada, Russian River and Knee Deep to the north. And the best news for California beer lovers is the growth shows no signs of going flat. New breweries are budding up and down California like hops in Spring. Sacramento alone is expected to launch as many as five new breweries in the coming year.

But regardless of which state has the most breweries, the main point in which hop heads and lager lovers across the country should rejoice is that the United States offers an amazing selection of beers state to state. So take a look at’s list of the top homes for craft brewers in America and plot out your pilgrimage to sample some of the country’s finest suds:

1. California, 268 craft breweries
2. Washington, 136 craft breweries
3. Colorado, 130 craft breweries
4. Oregon, 124 craft breweries
5. Michigan, 102 craft breweries
6. Pennsylvania, 93 craft breweries
7. Wisconsin, 75 craft breweries
8. New York, 72 craft breweries
9. Texas, 59 craft breweries
10. Illinois, 54 craft breweries


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