Brooklyn’s dark chocolate beer #YUM


Description: Brooklyn’s Black Chocolate Stout pours thick and is oil colored, with a rocky brown head that quickly disappears but leaves behind a wispy ring. The aroma is overpowered by bitter dark chocolate, with background notes of fresh roasted coffee and slight hints of rich red fruit. The taste is surprisingly bitter up front, accentuated by the roasted malt. However, its bitterness is from the chocolate, not hop bitterness, although the hops are certainly present. The bitterness does not last long and is quickly followed up by intense chocolate and coffee, soon joined by rich red fruit and black licorice flavoring before the beer heads to a very dry, almost wine-like finish. The 10 percent ABV is extremely well hidden, which means you should be careful with this one! The full body and mild carbonation create a very smooth and surprisingly easy drinking stout that is absolutely perfect for the winter months. Allow this one to warm up a bit, though, to fully appreciate all the flavors and aromas locked within.

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