Imperial Porter

porter barleyBeautiful dark Barley

porter boil Adding the Extract

20140405_150032 5 Months later. This has turned into an impressive Beer!

20140405_121124 Beautiful lace on the glass and just the right amount of carbonation

Style Information

Name: Imperial Porter
Recipe Type: Extract
Category: Imperial Porter

Grains & Extracts

Name Amount Notes
De Bittered Black Malt 1/2 lb This malt allows you to add the deep black color of Black Patent without the bitter, dark coffee-chocolate flavors. Use sparingly, just a couple of ounces will give your brew a deep red to black coloring. steep up to 170 degrees
2 Row Malt 1/2 lb Base Malt. Steep up to 170 degrees
Carastan Malt 3/4 lb Carastan is a British crystal malt with a caramel/toffee flavor and hints of toasted bread. Steep up to 170 degrees
Chocolate Malt 1/4 lb Chocolate malt will give your beer a warm, nutty, chocolate-like flavor. Steep up to 170 degrees and drain
Etra Pale Extract 10 lb Add at last 10 min of boil


Name Amount Alpha Acid % AAU Time Notes
Pilgrim 1 oz 11% 11 60 Powerful bittering with nice, citric hop aroma.
Northern Brewer 1oz 0% 0 minutes Add at 160 degrees during cooling.


Name Type Use Amount Time Notes
Brew Vint Other Boil 1 tsp 10 min Add at last 10 min for extra food for yeast


Name Amount Notes
Engish Ale 002 1 vial Add to starter and put on stir plate for 48 hours


Step Time Temperature Container Additions
Name: Amount
2 Weeks 65-68 carboy
keep in temp controlled environment for 1 wk


Estimated OG: 1.070
Estimated FG: 1.022
Estimated ABV: 6.33%
Actual OG: 1.074
Actual FG: 1.020
Actual ABV: 7.12%

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