Austin Homebrew Supply, “Gonzo Imperial Porter”

We brewed this Beer with a friend in mind. He will love this Beer, its Malty with a hint of coffee. It will be under his tree for Christmas!

Style Information

Name: Axe Shredder
Recipe Type: Partial Mash
Category: Imperial Porter
Type: Ale

Grains & Extracts

Name Amount Notes
Crystal 120L Malt 2.5 lb steep to 165 degrees
Chocolate Malt 1/2 lb steep to 165 degrees
Extra Light 1 lb last 10 min of boil
Extra Pale 8 lb last 10 min of boil
Dark 3 lb last 10 min of boil


Name Amount Alpha Acid % AAU Time Notes
Warrior 1.75 16% 28 90 min Bittering
Northern Brewer 1oz 9.6% 9.6 60 min Bittering
Northern Brewer 1oz 9.6% 9.6 30 Flavor
Cascade 1oz 6.2% 6.2 0 Aroma
Cascade 2oz 6.2% 12.4 0 Add at Secondary


Name Amount Notes
California Ale 001 Vial Started 48 hours earlier


Step Time Temperature Container Additions
Name: Amount
72 hrs 66-68 F carboy
2 wks 72-75 F Carboy


Estimated OG: 1.090
Actual OG: 1.091
Actual FG: 1.020
Actual ABV: 9.41%
Bitterness: 40 IBU
Estimated Color: 40 SRM
Carbonation: 1.2 volumes

Tasting notes

carbonation low to medium. Color is coal black. Has a slight coffee aroma and a little cascade hoppiness. It has a balance of sweet porter and cascade hops. has a thick malty mouthfeel and a finish of coffee maltiness. If you love porters, you will love this Beer.

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