Barbara Groom & Wendy Pound — Lady Brewers

Lost Coast Brewery is a rare instance of a female-owned microbrewery breaking into the male dominated microbrew world. Groom, a pharmacist, and Pound, a family counselor, began experimenting with the idea of starting their own pub in 1986. Following years of planning, home brewing, and visiting pubs in England and Wales, Groom and Pound purchased the Pythian Castle in 1989. The building went under restoration to house the pub and cafe after being purchased from the original owners, the Fraternal Order of the Knights of Pythias. Lost Coast Brewery pub and cafe is family owned and operated and has been open for business since July 1990. The brewery outgrew its origins in Pythian’s Castle and moved to a larger building further down Highway 101 in 2005. As the 46th largest brewery in the US, Lost Coast Brewery is expected to produce 30,000 barrels despite only distributing in 19 states.

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