Are you a beer babe?


Beer for the boys and wine for the women… that’s the statement women have always heard and accepted over the years. However, that is changing. Women too are opting for beer theses days. Restaurants, bars and clubs have seen an increase in the number of beer orders being placed by women. We explore the trend
Options galore: With so many options available, women can pick and choose the beer that suits their taste. Says, Dishant Pritamani, co-owner, The Daily, “There are many reasons this transition has taken place. I think in 2013, we have so many different types of beers to choose from — light beers (which obviously women love), craft beer, wheat beers, pale lagers — all of which have helped women develop their taste in beer.” Nishita Bhatt, a call centre executive, says, “I see a lot of my girlfriends opting for the light beer, but then there are some hardcore drinkers as well. Besides it’s a great drink to have in the summers in Mumbai.”

Evolving work culture: Work hours are not restricted to the 9 to 5 routine anymore. Also, unlike earlier the atmosphere at the workplace has become more informal. Going out with your colleagues for a drink or two isn’t unusual. And with women forming a part of these groups they are bound to explore their food and drink options. Says Disha Shah, a media professional, “I developed a liking for beer when I began hanging out with my colleagues. They would often order it. Initially, I would stick to some cocktails, but eventually I developed a taste for beer and began enjoying it. Also, when you are hanging out in  big groups ordering pitchers can often be more economical.”

Hanging out with the boys: Drinking patterns emerge from the company that men or women keep. Today, be it clubbing or house parties, large groups of girls and guys mingle together. Bigger groups lead to people trying out stuff that may traditionally not opt for. While a large number of women still prefer their cosmos, there are those who end up sipping on their buddies’ drink every now and then. And that’s how they develop a taste for it. Prashant says, “Today we have a more open society, especially in Mumbai. Women no longer feel the need to hide the alcohol they are drinking behind a glass of coke or orange juice.”

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