Anti Cell Phone Beer Glass…

A beer glass to end smartphone addiction

Few things are more annoying than smartphone-addicted friends. You’re just trying to get a beer and they’re obsessively checking their phones, reading tweets and updating you on Facebook happenings.

Sure, you can ask them to put it away. They might listen, for a few minutes, before the phone inevitably makes its way back to the table, and their eyes once again start trolling the screen.

But finally, there might be a way to force them to step away from the smartphone. Take a look at the Offline Glass:
As reported by NPR, the Offline Glass features an iPhone-sized notch cut into the base. The glass can’t stand up straight without a smartphone wedged underneath, into that notch. So, if your friend reaches to check his phone, his glass will topple, spilling his hard-earned beer on the bar.
The glass also the unadvertised benefit of inhibiting drunk texting. You can’t send a message you’ll regret the next morning when your phone is wedged snugly beneath your glass.


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