Ahh, Winter Warmers….

Winter seasonal beers, which tend to be bigger, stronger, spicier, and generally more boisterous than any other beers in the spectrum. There’s no one style; the variety is endless.

images (3)A sort of hybrid British red ale and “imperial” Belgian witbier from Denmark’s acclaimed gypsy brewers, it’s got the caramel-y roundness of the former with the spicy kick of the latter, overlaid with tangy, citrusy hops and a lashing of bitter orange peel. 8%abv; sold in a festive magnum.

Mad Elf
Troeg’s Brewing Co., Hershey, PA

troegs-beer-mad-elf-ale (1)Spicy, noble hops meet cherries, local Pennsylvania honey and robust chocolate malts in a strong but drinkable holiday elixir (11%abv). And you’ve got to love the name.

Doggie Claws
Hair of the Dog Brewing Co., Portland, OR

doggie-clawsThis fireside-ready brew from the Portland, Oregon barrel aged beer pioneers is strong, viscous, intensely malty and a touch sweet (thanks to wild flower honey collected on Mount Hood), minimally carbonated (so sip it, Santa), and highly hopped in the West Coast style (with Simcoe and Amarillo hops). At 11.5%abv, it’s ideal for an after dinner snifter and, with its high hopping and alcohol levels, also ought to age interestingly for years to come.

Here are just three, there are many, many more to experience. Happy hunting.

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