Mystery Beer

I look forward to Saturdays. During the week, we plan what to brew,  and make sure we have everything we need to carry out our next tasty invention. we decide which hops, which malt, & which yeast to use and if there is a plan to add additional hops or fruit at secondary. It’s fun. Today, I gotta tell you I’m disappointed. We often buy a kit, then tweak it by changing the hops, malt or yeast, amount of hops or when to add. This week we got a kit from William’s. We open it, and it gives no information. There is no name on the hops, we don’t know what they are! There is no name on the malt! We don’t know what it is! It’s dark, and it’s a Lager. That’s all we know. A little disappointed, but we will brew and see what we get. I’ll update you on the progress next Saturday.Enjoy you’re Saturday!

Well today is Nov 30, Wednesday. This beer has my curiosity aroused. It’s really dark. It took a long time to get active fermentation, about 48 hours. It smells really good.


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