$2.4 Billion and 5500 Jobs in One State’s Economy. All From Craft Beer!

Guild: Craft beer makers poured $2.4 billion into Ore. economy

Guild: Craft beer makers poured $2.4 billion into Ore. economy

Oregon’s 110 brewing companies generated $2.44 billion in economic activity in 2011 as production topped 1.1 million barrels.

The Oregon Brewers Guild painted a happy portrait of soaring demand for Oregon-made craft brews, leading local breweries to expand production by 7.5 percent in 2011.

“When an increased number of Oregonians choose Oregon beer over other options, we need more farmers to grow hops and barley, brewers buy more equipment, open breweries and hire new employees,” said Brian Butenschoen, executive director.

The guild said the industry directly employs 5,500 people and supports more than 25,000 jobs, the Portland Business Journal reported.

Other highlights:

  • $270 million: Value of retail sales of Oregon-made beer sold in Oregon
  • 15.8 percent: Percentage of the 2.7 million barrels of beer consumed in Oregon that were made in Oregon.
  • 42.8 percent: Percentage of draft beer consumed in Oregon that was made in Oregon.
  • 10.7 percent: Increase in consumption of Oregon craft beer over 2010, or the equivalent of an additional 429,000 barrels.

The brewers guild is a nonprofit trade association serving independent breweries. The Oregon industry consists of 110 brewing companies that operate 145 brewing facilities in 58 cities; 49 are in Portland.(PBJ)



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